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Damsco is a modern name for Amsterdam with locals. We used the slang version for our brand because we don't sell your grandma's stroopwafel! Our toppings and variations bring a fun twist to a traditional cookie that is adored by many people around the world.

The concept of Damsco has been in the making for a few years. The founders, a mother and two sons who immigrated from the Netherlands, have caused numerous stroopwafel addictions amongst their friends in North America. This is when they realized that they want to share the joy of the stroopwafel with a larger audience.


Our cookies are handmade with the greatest care to ensure that every single one lives up to the high standards of our Dutch owners.


We are excited about the opportunities that are ahead of us. Although we currently only cater we are actively working towards a storefront location in the Vancouver area so as many people as possible get to enjoy our delicious stroopwafels. Through our website, we will keep you up to date about our growth. 

Our Team


Baking is something that comes naturally to Franny. When she was 16 years old she started working in a bakery. Her talents didn't go unnoticed and within no time she was in charge of the bakery. 


The family moved to the United States but she never lost her passion for baking. When she took a trip to Japan with Remy they both realized that they had to do something with the stroopwafel, a cookie that most people instantly fall in love with.

Now in Canada, and with the support of her sons, she saw this as a perfect opportunity to spread the joy of the stroopwafel. As the head baker Franny is in charge of the recipe and new variations of the delicious cookies sold by Damsco.


Stroopwafels bring back fond memories for Remy. Visits to the weekly farmer's markets in his hometown close to Amsterdam would end with a delicious warm stroopwafel.  

After the family moved to the United States Remy earned his MBA and started working in advertising. However, after a few years, he decided to change careers and start his own IT company together with his brother. 

When he visited Japan with his mom in the spring of 2018 the abundance of sweets and dessert shops made them realize that it was time to turn the stroopwafel ideas into reality. He sees Damsco as a fun way to balance out the seriousness of the IT world. Damsco is a great way to help others create the same memories with stroopwafels as his own childhood memories.

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