Step 1 - Pick your size

Mega (coming soon)

Medium (11 cm)

Small (9 cm)

$3 (includes topping)

$4 (includes topping)

Step 2 - Pick your chocolate coating 

Orange, blue, and pink coating available upon request

Dark Chocolate

White Chocolate


Step 3 - Pick your toppings

Below are our most popular toppings. We are constantly looking for new and exciting toppings. Check our Instagram account for the latest updates. Do you have a special themed party? Let us know and we'll try to find toppings to match this party.




- Fruit Sprinkles

- Coconut

- Mini Marshmallows

- Mini M&M's

- Caramel Bits

- Hazelnut

- Peanut butter Bits

- Pretzel

- Passion Fruit Tea

- Champagne Candy

*Some of our stroopwafels contain peanut toppings and all cookies contain gluten. Please let us know if you or someone in your party has allergies or dietary restrictions we need to be aware of.

Step 4 - Pick your quantity

We don't sell single stroopwafels through our website at the moment. Single stroopwafels can be bought at some of our special events which you can find in the Location section of the website. The minimum quantity we currently sell is six stroopwafels. Below prices for different sizes of orders as an example. Quantity is customizable depending on your needs. 

6   small stroopwafels

6   medium sized stroopwafels

12 small stroopwafels

12 medium sized stroopwafels 

20 small stroopwafels

20 medium sized stroopwafels







Step 5 - Pick your delivery date

We can cater large and small orders for personal consumption, company events, or private events and deliver within the Vancouver area. However, we require orders to be submitted 24 hours in advance. We can't guarantee delivery within the 24 hours but we will try our best to serve you.

Step 6 - Submit order!


If you would like different types of coating for your order, tell us in the comment section below.

Choose your toppings:

We will send you a confirmation email within a few hours. Please contact us on contact@damscookies.com if you don't hear back from us within the next 4 hours. 

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